Strong Cabinet Safe
Strong Cabinet Safe
Short Description
 Model No.: INFORCED-200    
The strong cabinet "inforced-200" is designed for the storage and protection of confidential documents, valuable equipment and large objects.
Some strong cabinets have a double wall, slowing the internal temperature rise in case of fire. Some cabinets are equipped for hanging files.
Different sizes and colors Available for more choice.

Specifications / Features

  • High security double bitted key.
  • Mechanical combination three discs with turning center pane
  • Composed by double steel walls welded 50mm thickness, enclosing an insulating special material, refractory, abrasive.
  • In total 70 mm thick, made of a double steel wall, withanti wrenching system
  • Mounted on external hinges allowing 180 ° opening
  • 6 round steel bolts Φ 25 mm expanding on 3 sides, operated by handle.
  • Removable shelves on rack


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