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  • Coffre fort électronique motorisé
    1) Fabriqué en acier 1er choix
    2) système de verrouillage motorisé, facile à operer
    3) Clé mécanique supplémentaire pour une utilisation d'urgence
    4) unité de batterie supplémentaire en cas de piles bas ...

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  • Coffre fort à code
    1.Electronic safe with sophiscated outlooking SE keypad integrated manual key override system.
    2.User code from 3- 8 digits combination.
    3. Easy resetable of Guest code, and master code for hotel management.
    4. 20" second keyboard block after 3 faulty code entries.

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  • Coffre fort mécanique
    Pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts allowing p
    ermanent mounting to any surface
    Double locking bolts with high strength solid steel...

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  • Electronic Haevy Safe
    Double security code and/or Key, ideal solution to keep cash, jewelry,
    or administrative confidential documents.
    this safe characterized by the use of mechanical components of first choice,
    in accordance with the needs of Safety, Simplicity and comfort, while meeting the ...

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  • Mailbox Compartments
    - Construction steel plate of 2mm
    - Easy to use and manage
    - With or without back door collection
    - Each box closed in three sides
    - Plating metal sheets around boxes...

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